With this COVID-19 pandemic the silent distractor reaching impacts on everyone around the globe, our passion and business of creating memorable vacations have changed as we stand in uncharted time zone in our history.

e take a moment out of our time to appreciate and thank everyone in our circle, our colleagues, hoteliers, ground handlers, partners, authorities and travelers included At the times of this great uncertainty, let’s all take a moment to appreciate that we are getting the much-needed time with our loved ones, and the distancing had actually made us closer. We stand in the side of every frontier fighter in health sector, and security forces who are fighting this for us.

When we are apart at this time, let’s also take to mind that we are doing this for a time of being together again. At then we can make more memories vibrant than ever before. Only this time let’s all remember before we act upon to take care of nature and pledge upon being responsible to mother earth for a time like this will again found only in history.