Why Choose Sri Lanka

Being a magical island which was known for years of healing embedded to its culture, which had as much been easily embedded to the way of living, Sri Lanka is well equipped with modern-day facilities, professionals in the field that comes in par with some of the most developed countries but all this coming at a manageable spend.

This country is filled with people who by starting from their way of greeting wishes you long life, and your healing gets a rapid turn when the natural beauty, the greenery, the cultural heritage hailing from thousands of years and not to mention the sunny beaches right around the country.

Coming here to for your medical need, not just relieves your head of its efficiency and the best healthcare facilities, it also ensures you of a speedy recovery surrounded by the tropical island life and its most hospitable people. The healthcare facilities are on par with that of any developed country healthcare which exceeds most regional medical standards. Also, the world-class healthcare workers caring for your speedy recovery, well qualified, and known doctors and medical professionals are in support of you round the clock.

What you can expect

With the advance medical facilities in the country, you can look forward to the following treatments, in general. This can be altered upon inquiry to suit your medical requirement

Cardiology Medical
Kidney and Related Medical Procedures
Fertility Treatments
Well Woman Treatments
Cosmetic Procedures
Dental Treatments
ENT procedures
Mother and Baby Care
Cancer and Radiology Procedures
Neurology Procedures
Psychotherapy and Mental Health Treatments

Pre and post medical procedure care

We believe that a clear mindset is a must in any healing process, prior to the treatment your transfers, doctor visits, and related accommodation is well looked to while you book with us. The post-treatment time period depending until your doctors says you fit to travel back home you can have a small recovery trip around this island beauty (depending on your stay fit to and the eligibility to travel)

Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s most preferred travel locations with a history of tourism and gives you the best kind of landscapes to heal after your medical procedure. May it be a beach stay, a small tour round to the cultural spotlights, or just completely get mesmerized with nature. Whatever your idea to heal post-medical procedure, we can cater to the need of yours by having a conversation with you on the likability of accommodation and transfers. Taking you around is with extra attention put to a patient recovering from a medical procedure with our skilled staff looking into every detail that they should be. Speak to us, and we can get rest assured you back in good health, both mind and body.

Our services

Medical Guide

Medical Coordination


Supplying Accommodations

Internal Transfers

Points to note

  • The medical procedures are of what you require us as an assisting party to help you with so that it is essential for us to know accurate details.
  • You are entitled to make the decision, informed by your treatment type, rough budget and the professional details being disclosed to you.
  • Prior to doctor meetings over a virtual base can be arranged.
  • We require you to get to know the full financial quotient related to your treatment + post-procedure travel requirements and have enough financial leverage to support spending inland.
  • Depending on the condition you are in getting back home, recovering is varied and a patient should be well aware of this.
  • You have the right to get to know, all procedures in detail, and clarifications if you have any, related to that.
  • All medical reports prior taken to the treatment being done in Sri Lanka is required to be disclosed/ carried when consultation is done/ procedure is done.
  • Varied medical facilities, hospitals, room types, and procedure types are available to your choice.
  • Had you need anyone of close family to travel with you, we believe a person with a proper understanding of your medical condition is much suited.
  • The food/ supplements being prescribed to you usually varies according to your treatment and must be closely adhered to during and after the medical treatment.
  • Any other medical conditions/ treatments being carried out/ food or drug allergies are advised to be kept informed to your medical professional team and us at all times.
  • Had you done any changes to the routines prescribed by your doctor or medical professional, neither the facility nor us takes the responsibility for consequences that may follow.
  • If your medical procedure is being funded by your insurance scheme, we strongly advise you to get their opinion on you traveling to Sri Lanka for the procedure.
  • Once you are back in your own country, virtual doctor meetings and queries related can be arrested upon prior notice of the time.
  • You are entitled to receive the generic names of drugs or regional names of a similar drug in your country’s context.

If we need to get in touch, when is the best time to give you a call about your holiday?

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