Hiran Gunasekera

Managing Director

Carrying with himself over two decades of experience, Hiran is the powerhouse of Tripavi. His ideals of pushing the team to the further limits have got everyone working on heels each time. Hiran is a go-getter and an adventurous soul, a very responsible father and a much loved “boss” as called by all of us.

His years and years of making your dream vacation come true is just everything you need to trust his pattern in work. His idea of teamwork is definitely the right kind of teamwork put together, with all of the team being involved in opinions in decision making, Hiran makes practical leadership a reality. He has also cultivated a unique network of sports travel partners & tour operators that are reliable and love promoting Sri Lanka. The leisure permits, he likes to explore the central hills of Nuwara Eliya, Dikoya, Haputale, the adventurous Knuckles and add himself to exploring various cultural sites too. Outside Sri Lanka, he loves visiting Europe, the UK, Dubai & South Africa. He also has a great passion for cricket & rugby which, keeps him involved in the Sport Tourism Industry as one of Sri Lanka’s most reliable personalities.

Thimali Silva

Admin & Sales

Having with herself prior experience in managing Human Resources in a conglomerate, Thimali looks to the administration and Sales matters of Tripavi. Armed with different educational ladders including a bachelor’s degree, she is an extensive reader, her free time is usually spent either cooking up a storm of delicious goodies or curled to a good book. She’s also a traveller, an experience collector and a word wizard, our amount of travel stories in social media platforms are carefully worded by her too.

Having done research in different aspects of business management in theory, she right now reads for her MBA. Thimali has been a wildlife enthusiast since school days, and is a bit of a forest hop. She likes to find out about missing and rarely seen cultural landscapes and read about them too, anywhere in the hills is her favorite escape.

Ishan Kahapola Arachchi

Pricing & Product

Ishan was one of the members who had been following Hiran in his footsteps and one of the loyal team members of Tripavi, and an attention freak, in all his work. He carries with him a Bachelor’s Degree and has taught plus tested experience of about 8 years in different aspects of Tourism. Relatively nobody can match Ishan levels of wit and passion in what he does. Being a hiker and a caver, Ishan has proven steps around the island in most seen and unseen escapes and puts that essence in full to what he does.

He is also packing with him the ulterior skills of product and pricing, backed by all his adventures and finds himself a forever explorer in the Horton Plains. Ishan also packs with him enough insight about culture and legends and will always be available to offer views on them. If any free time available he wouldn’t miss a good crime or a thriller movie or two.

Vishal Money

Sports & Events

Vishal is the jolly good one in the team, having started a career in Tourism as a school leaver, Vishal brings Tripavi Sports Tours to life. Being able to crack a joke and laugh out loud and share that with the rest of the team, Vishal is one of the most supportive team members. He is also the one cracking the usually dead silent office space with his jams, especially on Fridays.

Having played for the college Rugby team, his likeness for a fair game in sports makes him good at what he does, Vishal is also an avid coffee drinker, and an appreciator of good coffee. He is also the quick to be friends with team mate in the team. Vishal’s strolls start at sunny beaches round the country and would like to have chilling time with the waves hitting the shore around him.

Heshan Diluk


Definitely the most silent one in the office, Heshan speaks only when it’s absolutely necessary, but smiles all the time. He looks to all the Finance matters at the operational end and is also out official graphic designer blessed with a creative imagination and very arty eye. Heshan carries with himself a quite a record having joined in to work in Finance, just as he left school.

He is also in the process of polishing his skills professionally studying Finance. During his free time he tries to score the most he can in playing computer games, and sometimes nights too. Heshan’s favorite hideout is Ella and the green hills in the surrounding.

Suwandi Silva


Suwandi is a senior hand overlooking the finance function of the company. This determined lady with an always popping smile has worked in travel finance for about 15 years. Suwandi’s favorite place to be is the chic town Ella with its new sophistication. Ella’s mixture of nature and fun puts together the best in self of Suwandi. The usually thinking self of hers is quiet and responsible, with her team being priority. Suwandi is a family person with a caring stroke over her mother and the same care over her team. Always ready to crack a laugh, this girl is a prominent part of the team here at Tripavi.

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