Travelling in Sri Lanka


For the traveller who likes to experience something special, we believe that Sri Lanka would be an ideal and mind-blowing destination. The Tripavi crew provides transport from the airport to wherever you want to proceed to as well, regardless of whether you want to go on an excursion or an island trip or have a specialized driver-guide for your beach stays. Choosing the vehicle which is the best suit for the tour will ensure you travel comfortably on our country roads. We also get our drivers to follow the Tripavi driver’s code to ensure our valued customers are well looked after during the tour. Tripavi assigns none other than the best and most experienced chauffeurs to your trip keeping in mind that our topmost concern is your safety and relaxation. Our chauffeurs who know the country inside out ensures that you are not stressed out by all the travel and rushing around which make your Sri Lankan experience exceptional and your holiday more satisfying.

Getting Around Sri Lanka

We recommend hiring a car from Tripavi with a driver as that’s the best way to see the country. It’s cheaper than hiring a self drive car. Be warned: self –driving might seem appealing, but the Sri Lankan drivers ‘way of overtaking each other at break-neck speed on the very narrow roads can be hair-raising, to say the least, and then there are the sheer cliff drops to consider. Driving is generally slow, but the distance isn’t huge. Traffic drives on the right. If money is no object and time is precious try the helicopter or airplane charter through us. You can also take domestic flights around the country with us. Traveling by bus is a cheaper way to get around, but buses can be very overcrowded and uncomfortable. The option of Rail travel is generally slower and more expensive than buses but is far more comfortable. We ‘d recommend doing a train journey at some stages as they can be super scenic. A large number of 3-wheelers (tuk-tuks) operate on the roads as well. Agree to a rate before starting your journey and make sure the driver has a clear idea of your destination. Also, now you get the metered tuk tuk’s in most cities around the country.

Types of vehicles & transport methods


Visitors to Sri Lanka visiting for tourism purposes must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), unless they are exempt, prior to arrival or on arrival to Sri Lanka or they must obtain a visa in advance. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

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