Modern travelers are growing increasingly aware of the effects of ecotourism—some of which have negatively impacted both local cultures and the environment as a whole.  Responsible tourism calls attention to the fact that most tourism simply is not responsible: locals are exploited; natural or cultural resources are treated with disrespect.  Treating others with the same respect we would ask for in our own communities is the basis of responsible travel.

While the tourism industry has long touted “exotic destinations”, we are, in fact, entering someone else’s home.   Responsible travel and ecotourism are two of the cornerstones of local, regional, national, and international sustainable development.  Travelers play a pivotal role, whether we are independent or part of a group tour.   As we RE-THINK and re-imagine tourism, we are re-defining the traditional guest-host relationship as an activity that motivates new eco-friendly, people-friendly action.

TRIPAVI strongly believes in responsible tourism and has promoted it right from the start. We aim to minimize the negative environmental impacts of the travel business and make positive contributions to the conservation of biodiversity, and natural and human heritage.  We also believe in tourism that respects culture and traditions, and fosters greater understanding between travelers and hosts:


  • We treat fairly and pay a fair wage for our suppliers, including the local suppliers at the tour destinations.
  • We respect and regularly update our knowledge of the customs, habits, and culture of the destinations we are visiting to ensure that we do not offend locals.
  • We make sure that local people benefit economically from tourism by employing them as tour leaders and guides, and using local restaurants and hotels rather than international chains


TRIPAVI supports a variety of charitable projects in Sri Lanka. Also, we do sponsorships for local events and activities, organizing sports tourism holidays to support the local schools are to mention few.

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