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Flying Ravana Zipline

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Want to slide through two mountain points while getting the best view of the valley of tea, ...

Deep Sea Fishing

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An experience part of either a half or a full day experience of seeing the waters. You ...

Water Sports

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The southern part of the island where the famous Bentara river meets the ocean is prominent and ...

Snorkeling in Pigeon Island

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Pigeon island aptly named by its colonizing pigeons is one of the marine national parks Sri Lanka ...

White Water Rafting

0 Reviews
Kitulagala is most famous for being the filming site of the famous film Bridge Over the River ...

Millenium Elephant Foundation

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This is a registered charity caring mostly for adult and disabled elephants. The place runs on volunteering ...

Hot Air Ballooning

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Before dawn breaks, ascend through mist and beguiling hints of sunlight to breath-taking panoramas and of course ...

The Foundation of Goodness

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Feeling a little bit helping in your part of the holiday? You can volunteer at the foundation ...

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