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Colombo is a modem city with plenty of buzz but few ‘must-see’ sights. Its historical center is the colonial Fort, which combined with a visit to the hectic bazar and Dutch period legacy. Don’t miss out the city’s most attractive wide boulevards of Cinnamon Gardens, the city’s most exclusive district.


Owing to its proximity to the international airport, 6 km away, Negombo is the principal resort north of Colombo. With wide accommodation options from guest houses, to star class 5-star resorts & boutique hotels, it’s a convenient place to end a holiday or begin.


Kandy, the home of the Buddha’s tooth, is both capital and gateway to the highlands. The stunning view over its 18th-century lake towards the Temple of the Toth hints at some of the reasons for the city’s unique character. Dotted around the lush Kandyan landscape are a number of important temples which make for a good day trip from the city.

Bentota & Beruwela

Beyond Colombo’s urban sprawl lie the golden beaches that serve Sri Lanka’s package tourism industry. To some, the coast’s wealth of quality accommodation, beach restaurants and bars makes a perfect indulgent holiday. Yet away from the resorts traditional life still continues.


Anuradhapura is Sri Lanka’s most sacred city. Along with Mihintale, it represents the first real home of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, and thus contains some of the Island’s most sacred Buddhist sites. From origins as a settlement in the sixth century BC, the city was made Sri Lanka’s first capital in 377 BC. It was the capital for 1,500 years, its soaring dagobas testament to the lofty ambitions of its kings.


This is marvellous walking country, where views formed by spectacular ‘gaps’ are drawing many visitors to this town. Lately, with many international bogglers highlighting its adventures, such as waterfalls, walking treks, the famous Nine Arch bridge, and recently the longest zip line in the country with ATV rides made the town a must-do in your bucket list for nature and adventure lovers. With great accommodation choices from guesthouses to luxury hotels, this town is now in the world map thanks to its great vibes.


Easily accessible from the south, Trincomalee, the largest city in Eastern Province, is already Sri Lanka’s go to beach escape surrounded by famous white sand beaches at Uppauveli and especially, Nilaveli are best visited between April and October, when the area is at its driest. The beach town is also famous for its historical background and ancient sights. The Fort Fredrick, originally built by the Portuguese in 1623 later occupied by the Dutch and the British leaves travellers to be inquisitive.

Elephant gathering in Minneriya

Small islands are not supposed to have large animals. Someone forgot to tell this to the elephants, the largest ‘terrestrial mammal’. Not only is it found in Sri Lanka, the largest concentration of Asian Elephants, seasonal gathering takes place on this island. Every year, the Gathering’ takes place on the receding shores of Minneriya Lake in the months between July to October.


Dambulla is sited on a gigantic granite outcrop which towers more than 160 m above the surrounding land. The caves were the refuge of King Valagambahu when he was in exiles for 14 years. The richly painted cave temples at Dambulla was declared by a UNECO World heritage site 1991. There are panoramic views from the terrace of the surrounding jungle and tanks, and of Sigiriya. The caves are about half way up hill and form part of a temples complex.

Galle & South Coast

Much less package oriented than the west coast, the spectacularly scenic bays and beaches of the south coast are a magnet for independently travelling sun and sea worshipper’s provides with good value accommodation to luxury villas, boutique resorts. Galle is the most important town in the south and its fort area., with its mighty ramparts colonial architecture is declared as UNESCO World heritage site.

Nuwara Eliya

“The City of Light” was a favourite hill station for the British and is still retains some distinctive features. There are attractive walks around the small town, which has lawns, parks, an Anglican church and the nostalgic Hill Club. This is also excellent walking country and useful base for visiting Horton plains. The town really comes alive during the April ‘season’.


200-m high Lion Rock, a tale of murder and dynastic feuding, is as dramatic as its position, rearing starkly from the plain beneath. An exceptional natural site for a fortress, the rock dominates the surrounding countryside of the central forest and from the top offers views that stretch as for as the dry zone and south to the central Highlands. The royal citadel, built between 477-4875 AD today is one of Sri Lanka’s must-visits, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Sri Lana’s Northern Province has for centuries been the cultural heartland of the islands’ Tamil population. With the northern and western tips of the province only a few kilometers boat ride from the coast of southwest India. For fans of old British cars, Jaffna is an unlikely Mecca. Fleets of Morris Minors, Austin Cambridges, and Morris Oxfords still rattle around the town’s streets. Don’t miss out on the Rio ice cream and the Jaffna crab curry when you’re hearing for a visit.


The south of Sri Lanka beyond Dondra is considered one of the best locations in the world for spotting Blue Whales, Sperm Whales and Spinner Dolphins. These gigantic marine mammals can be spotted in the deep seas off the southern coastal towns of Galle, Mirissa and Kirinda. The season runs from December to March in the south seas of Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka’s most popular national park. In recent years, the parks has drawn worldwide attention as having possibly the highest concentration of leopards in the world. The are elusive, but a sighting would be a highlight of your trip. The park varies from open parkland to dense jungles on the plains. Its scrub land is particularly distinctive with its enormous rocky outcrops, several streams, small lakes and lagoons, while the ocean to the east has wide beaches and high sand dunes.

Belihul Oya

Travellers are attracted to Belihul Oya in part by its impressive trekking possibilities. In a country where the trekking potential is now being realised, Beblihul Oya already leaves the competition for behind since it is the starting point of challenging treks that take you to the very fringe of the inimitable Horton Plains and into the extraordinary Peak Wilderness Sanctuary.

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