Rain Forest & Wet Zone


The Wet Zone of the country is with dominant vegetation of high grown wetland and rain forests. The country’s highest rainfall is received by the zone and is a zone with waterfalls and rivers starting at the top. The Wet Zone is high in its bio diversity and has a high variety of wetland foliage and species. The wet zone also has the primary rain forest of the country, the Singharaja Rain forest. The rainforest is an example of evergreen forest, foliage, second growth forests and the cloud range creepers. The part of the country has the most of forest cover. These forests are categorized by the dense vegetation and several canopy layers, these layers stand in between 30-40 meters or even has exceeding up to around 45 meters. The Wet Zone forests and the dwelling animals are used to a living of the rain falling most months throughout the year. Rain forest zone is much less with human population and is home for most land area covering with rain forests being home to a lot of endemic and threatened species.

Rain Forest and Wet Zone


Sinharaja is the last significant stretch of rainforest on the island to be left largely undisturbed, maintaining enormous national importance. It is home to a remarkable array of endemic species. In 1989 it was recognized by UNESCO as an international biosphere reserve and became a world heritage site. The reserve’s importance lies not just in the pristine nature, but also in the high degree of endemism of its species. The main nature trails are from Kudawa, Waturawa, Mulawella and joins to the Sinhagala trail which goes to the center point of the reserve. As for the wildlife, most birds, butterflies and other species are found frequently in the reserve whereas the leopard population is less and rare found.



Ratnapura, one of Sri Lanka’s wettest towns with an average rainfall of 500mm per annum is set up on the banks of Kalu River. The town is aptly named as the city of gems being known in centuries for world famous Sri Lankan gems and gem mines. Gem traders are distributed around the town in various scales. Ratnapura is surrounded by rubber and tea estates in a lush, beautiful setting. Maha Saman Dewale in Ratnapura is the biggest Buddhist temple in the town dedicated to the guardian of Adam’s peak. There are remains of a Portuguese Fort, few museums and a number of Buddhist temples letting you know the historical background of the city.



Kithulgala is a mid of the country destination, boarding along the Kelani River, usually having a wet climate all year round, receiving rainfall from both the monsoon tides, the Kitulgala town is mostly known for the adventure sport white water rafting. The rafter’s boats and equipment is available on rent almost anywhere in the city.

Apart from the adventure sport, the city also has a thick vegetation of Wet Zone primary rain forests and most species found in the Sinharaja forest is found at the vegetation covering Kitulgala. If you are not a fan of adventure sports, sipping a tea Ceylon is famous for and looking at the flowing river is an actual type of calming holiday.

Kitulgala has also been taken as the location for David Lean’s film, Bridge on the River Kwai, even though the film setting bridge is blown up as per the movie, the remnants of the movie setting is available for the tourists to pay a visit, almost any hotel in the area will have the old paper cuttings and information if you are interested in learning/ reading more.


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