Experience Sri Lanka through the eyes of a local expert

We believe one of the biggest benefits of a Tripavi escorted vacation is experiencing the essence of your holiday with the help of our expert National Tour Guides in Sri Lanka.

Year after year, these experts are rated among the best in the industry by travelers and tour operators partnered with us. We pay attention to our guests’ reviews and incorporate what we learn into our carefully crafted tour itineraries. Each mile, stop, and step along the way, our specialist guides share their knowledge of the areas, offer special recommendations, and tell colorful stories about each historic landmark to help bring history to life in a powerful, memorable, and enriching way. They play a key role in providing each of our guests with a truly memorable experience. From the moment your Tripavi journey begins.


Who is with you all the way to make sure your holiday is completely hassle-free.


About the destinations, making local introductions and recommendations.


To our high standards to provide exceptional service.


Arranging priority access, ensuring seamless hotel check-ins, and taking care of all the details.


And helps you navigate local customs.

National Guides

Having spent a good two decades in the soil of Italy and then finding the beauty of telling stories about Sri Lanka Suminda is one of the most talented Italian National guides we have in our pool. Suminda started his carrier as a chauffeur guide and then worked his way up to a national guide and has proved himself worthy while being at it. He aces at Culture and nature holidays in Sri Lanka and loves travelling with his family and being close to the family once he gets home from his busy schedule.




Suminda Herath

(Nature, Wildlife, History, Culture)

Nalaka had an early start to the tourism industry and having lived 14 years in the United Kingdom post coming back he chose guiding as his bread and butter. With a widespread knowledge portfolio of cultural sites and specifically nature treks, Nalaka is one of the guides who fall through in our Nature Tour guides and does a very good job at that. Being starred in a few commercial advertisements he is also a good actor.





Nalaka Wishwamith

(Nature, Wildlife, History, Sports)

Former banker turned with his love to tell the stories of his island home, Richard James has his heart at meeting new people, exploring the country and definitely nature around him. Richard gives out to volunteering in charity, training school children and youth on leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Being an expert of wildlife history, archeology, local customs, and the true sri Lankan cultural spots, Richrd is an avid storyteller of all he’s passed through in his island home. The lover of music being Richard, that’s how his leisure is spent, hanging out with friends, playing in his band.


Richard James

(History, Culture, Family)

Dammika is one of our key players in the nature and culture segment. Having acquired his national guiding license he is one of the lecturers in the national university scheme arming undergraduates with his knowledge base. he also shares his immense knowledge with the up and coming national guides.  Based in Kandy, one of the natural and cultural outbursts in Sri Lanka it makes him all the easier to relate to culture making him being able to give you a memorable holiday here in Sri Lanka.

Dammika Thushara

(History, Culture, Family)

One of the young and adventurous hands in our field team, enthusiastic Rajitha is a former Military personnel where he went through extensive training and as it would happen he fell in love with the great outdoors the destination offers he decided on becoming a tourist guide. Well, being six years in here, his age particularly gives him the hunt to give you real quick updates of what happens around and also the information on adventure and sports tours being one of our key members




Rajitha Somarathna

(Adventure, Sports, Culture)

Suren fell in love with telling Sri Lanka tales while he was employed as a Medical Representative and decided to take a turn of careers. One of the jolliest good guys you find in the field team of ours, his guiding is done through storytelling and comical ways. You might even remember the little stories he tell when you recall your trip to Sri Lanka. He had studied in the UK and lived there for 6 years too, so he is much of a familiar talk with the way things are done in the western part of the world. Suren is known for family, cultural and adventure holidays.




Suren Wijesundara

(History, Culture, Sports, Adventure, Family)

Starting off his carrier in the year 2014 and climbing up to the national guide license in 2019 Ruchira is one of the youngest and the most energetic team members gracing the team. Known for his adventurous ado, while committing to educate the best out to his clients in history and culture, this young man is ready to take on the day with an ever glimmering smile across his face. Ruchira was initially a baker by profession in Singapore, but his passion for showing around his country kept calling him, he decided to pursue the same. While being amazed by the change of cultures in the northern part of the country, Ruchira loves spending his leisure time in the eastern coat.

Ruchira Godamunne

(Adventure, Sports, Culture)

One of the senior hands we have taking care of you. The prim and proper dressed Ananda is a well experienced and empowered in all sorts of knowledge about Sri Lanka. He will give you very informative details and answers to your questions about Sri Lanka. Ananda is a very organized and prepared in his stance of work which gives him the edge. He is specialized in round tours, cultural tours to sports tours.





Ananda Weerakoon

(History, Culture, Sports)

Clocking in with his like to Sinhalese cultural music and his incomparable knowledge in tourism, Kumar sets himself apart in having a nice voice and many years of experience as a guide. Having worked in the gulf and the UK Kumar takes his likeness to guiding back three decades with him, starting as a chauffeur guide and then getting his license as a national guide. Kumar has a deep-rooted knowledge about what he does and is specialized in our culture, history and trips around Sri Lanka and will be easy to give you directions in and out. Also, why not catch him to sing a song in the evening, you might enjoy the singing talent of his too.

Kumar Abeysinghe

(Arts, History, Culture)

Chauffeur Guides

Nishantha started in hospitality too, but as a bartender in many leading hotels around the country. Having started as a chauffeur guide in 2013 Nishantha also goes out of his way to make sure you get the best out of best Sri Lanka experience. Nishantha is one of the favorites among our routine clients who returns year after year. He is also a specialist in our North East explorer holidays.






Nishantha Muthukuda Arachchi

(Family, Culture, Wildlife)

Bringing in the guiding from his Dad who is a senior chauffeur guide, Shyam mixes together that perfectly curated knowledge along with what the outset right now is about. With a keen eye to show you what real Sri Lanka is with culture, history, nature, people and food Shyam takes up an active role where he will, if needed, walk out of his comfort zones to make sure you are in yours. In his leisure, Shyam likes to go fishing in the sea.





Shyam Labrooy

(Wildlife, Culture, Adventure, Family)

Started his career also in hospitality, but in Finance, Krishan now seeks his passion of taking you around the country being a chauffeur guide. He has been a chauffeur guide since 2011 and really enjoys being one driving you in either his SUV or his 10 seater micro. Krishan is a jolly good guy with an ever illuminating smile on his face and ensures you are transported safe and you are engaged throughout.






Krishan Rajapaksha

(Adventure, Family, Culture)

One of the warmest faces making the team, Christy is ready to welcome you with a smile plastered across his face as his best gesture. Christy has also spent 10 years in Italy and with the language knowledge acquired to be used in promoting his motherland tourism serving as a chauffeur guide, Christy returned to Sri Lanka and since then he has been travelling round the country showing the beauty of Sri Lanka to tourists from around the world. In his time at ease he values his family time being at home with his kids.



Christy Alahakoon

(Family, Culture)

Janath comes with a handful experience having worked in the Middle East. His true passion lied here in Sri Lanka in guiding so he decided move back. Having a keen cultural eye and loving the nature in Sri Lanka Janath carefully bends his 8 seater micro through the narrow paths in the island. His favorite pastime is being in Kandy which is also his home town. Janath is a specialist in our family vacation edge.





Janath Samarakoon

(Culture, Adventure, Family)

Starting his career in a different spot in hospitality Saman was a hotelier for a good 18 years before moving into the art of chauffeuring around Sri Lanka. driving a 10 seater micro, Saman finds great enjoyment in reciting travel stories from the lost day cultures Dambulla and Sigiriya and also anywhere else finding appropriate. Saman is a lover of the beach specifically in Trincomalee, where he is likely to spend his vacation. Saman is a great ambassador in our cultural and family holidays.




Saman Amaratunga

(Family, Culture)

Sports & Activities

Being a Sri Lanka Level – 1, ACC level – 1 and Australian level – 2 umpire in profession, Kushan is one of the main faces behind Tripavi field team, he is also a cricketing coach for few school cricket teams, clubs and associations in the country. He is also the coach for few aboard cricket teams such as Mid Wales cricket league, Bahrain alpha academy coach and also has been coach for Malaysia National Junior Development Squad and State Team. Being an umpire by profession, his memberships in Sri Lanka Cricket Board Umpire Association and Professional Umpires Association are standing out from the rest. Kushan is a go getter with the word ‘NO’ nonexistent in his vocabulary.

Kushan Jayawickrama


George Labrooy is a one of the most experienced guides in and around here. Specialized in Fresh Water and Deep sea fishing and Surf Casting, while starting fishing as a mere hobby, in the mid 80’s this leaves him with a 35-40 years of fishing experience. George holds the record for biggest Giant Trevally catch in the Negombo Anglers Club which weighs 54 pounds at their annual competition. Also, George’s biggest catch is a 33 Kilogram Sail Fish. Beginning his sea days as diver for lobsters George also went to Seychelles following his passion for fishing. George is also a retired well experienced chauffeur guide.

George Labrooy

(Fishing Experience Guide)

The deep blue waters of Sri Lanka has been a paradise for the whales, so with our equally enthusiastic partners at the Whale Watching Club you can see them better while comfortably cruising in a luxury cruise ship. These friendly guys will help you create the best memories in your whale watching trip and let you know amazing details about the giants of the sea too.







Whale Watching Club Team

(Wildlife, Sailing)

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