Sri Lanka Rugby Tour

Rugby is one of the most active contact sports played in Sri Lanka and a fast-developing sport. Being the second-largest Rugby playing nation in Asia, coming in second only to Japan our national team also comes at No.4 in the whole of Asia. With our expert tour directors molded with hands-on Rugby experience putting together […]

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Sri Lanka Cricket Tour

Being introduced by the British in their time in here, and known well as the gentlemen’s game back in England Cricket is one of the most valued treasures they left us. Being underdogs, Sri Lanka also won the ICC world cup in 1996. Now Sri Lanka has 7 international Cricket Stadiums which out of 4 […]

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Sri Lanka Hockey & Netball Tour

Placed among one of the growing sports in Sri Lanka, Hockey and Netball is carving its niche in Sri Lankan sports arena. Sri Lanka national hockey was placed at rank 4th in South Asia and ranked 40 in world ranking in 1970s but thereafter failed to meet the world expectation, since 2015 the national team […]

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Sri Lanka Multi Sports Tour

Why limit your sports tour to only one sport? We have it all. Sri Lanka being an island has multiple sports like cricket, netball, rugby, hockey, football, tennis, swimming, and basketball tours to plan with. This, 11-day multi-sports tour is designed to cover three sports; cricket, netball & hockey as they are the popular choice […]

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